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Pichuneter -The Essential Financial Management Tool for Small Businesses


Managing finances is quite challenging for small business owners. They have to look after so much work, including finances. Creating a balance sheet manually may take more effort. It can even sometimes lead to errors, which can cause a loss in the business.

A freelancer even finds it difficult to create invoices for his clients every time. He has to manage his finances individually, which consumes a lot of time.

Well, Pichuneter is a financial management tool that can automate tasks like creating invoices or balance sheets. It will help a freelancer or businessman save time and focus on growing his business.

The blog describes Pichuneter, its benefits, key features, and some success stories. You can read the blog to learn about this digital platform.

What Is Pichuneter?

A small businessman doesn’t have much knowledge regarding tax planning or preparing a balance sheet. First, he tries to make it manually and enter the data. However, this can create many mistakes that can adversely affect a business.

If you are running a small business and want to automate different financial tasks, you should benefit from a tool known as Pichuneter. It is a user-friendly platform that can simplify the economic functions of any business. You can pay your clients or track your finances to profit from your company.

What Are The Important Features Of Pichuneter?

The essential features of Pichuneter are underlined below.

1. Processes Payment

Pichuneter is a digital wallet that lets you link your bank account, debit, credit card, and other payment options to manage your business’s finances.

2. Generate Invoices

Invoice creation for any client takes a lot of time, which can be a problem for freelancers. However, Pichuneter can generate invoices automatically and will create no hassle when a freelancer wants to send an invoice to the client.

3. Generate Financial Reports

The digital platform can obtain financial reports, which help the owner know the business’s exact financial condition.

4. Keep Finacial Records.

Keeping financial records manually can lead to errors. Here, all the financial tasks are automated.

The best thing is that Pichuneter keeps all the records, which can be helpful for the present and future. The businessman can refer to them and make wise decisions that will help grow the business.

Advantages Of Using Pichuneter

The advantages of Pichuneter are numerous. Let’s discuss them below.

  •  The platform automates tasks like creating invoices or processing payments. It helps business people save time.
  • Manual account management creates errors. Pichuneter is a platform that automates different financial tasks, such as creating the business’s account balance sheet, which can reduce financial errors.
  •  Reducing various financial errors can help a businessman make wise decisions and confidently earn profits quickly.
  • There are highly impressive features in Pichuneter, like generating automated balanced sheets.

Small Businesses Who Have Taken Advantage Of Pichuneter

1. Retail Business

A retail business in New York was struggling with cash flow management. They were managing the accounts manually and hence had errors.

The business utilised the Pichuneter platform to manage its financial transactions.

Fortunately, they made a 30 per cent profit after utilising the digital platform.

The cash flow management tools in the Pichuneter platform enhance cash flow and increase business productivity.

The business’s finances are automated, resulting in fewer errors. Pichuneter also has features like inventory management, which help streamline various business operations and increase customer experience.

2. Service And Online Business

Pichuneter’s interesting features include invoice creation or automatic payment processing, which can help a business run successfully.

Pichuneter For Freelancers

If you are a graphic designer or content writer freelancing, you must depend on different platforms to receive money from International clients. Most online platforms charge more for currency change or payment processing.

Well, Pichuneter is a great platform for automatic payment processing. It even offers multiple payment options.


Small business owners and freelancers usually depend on various invoice creation or payment processing platforms. Making or receiving international payments costs more. Again, keeping financial records manually may lead to errors.

Well, Pichuneter is a digital platform with multiple payment options, so a freelancer doesn’t have any hassles when receiving money from international clients.

Its transaction fees are also low compared to other sites. All financial tasks are automated, which saves time and increases a business’s profit.

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