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What is Common to all Billionaires in the World?


There is one thing that stands out when you screen for what is common to all billionaires in the world. The secret that no one will tell is that ‘ABUNDANCE’ is the key.

In this universe, everything that is of true value to mankind is in abundance – air, water, light. Anything that is not natural (man-made) are mere distractions for achieving one’s goals.

A prerequisite of having a Billionaire mindset is good health. When a person is healthy he can think right, he can work, he feels energetic, and his aptitude and attitude decides everything.

There are two school of thoughts for having a billionaire mindset.
The First School of Thought is that, in order to become a billionaire you need idea and execution. That, it is a game of numbers. It is a game of developing your network. It is your passion of doing what you love in your life.

How can you become a billionaire? Is there a recipe? Yes and no!

The Other school of Thought talks about the fact that when a person concerned has in his mind passion of achieving something and is concerned as a human to create value for the masses, the money becomes a by- product.

See the case of Sadhguru of Isha foundation, Baba Ramdev of Patanjali, Mukesh Ambani of Reliance, where in all these cases one thing was common and that was to create value for the masses.

If our purpose is to make money alone, chances are we may not succeed. However, in case we wish to help people, and in our heart we are consistent about serving humanity one way or the other, a few things will happen.

Your focus on the betterment of mankind will be the driver which would lead to a craze for the goods or item or service. You will then become habitual and addicted with the result. Consequently, sales will increase and thus your profit. The caveat is that, the driver behind this
should be all this your love of what you like, your passion, and your belief in your goal.

There cannot be any one aspect or one habit or one quality, which shall bring success and thus you become a billionaire. To really become a billionaire one needs special ingredients, such as consistency and
persistence in your approach, in your words, your compassionate nature, and your undeterred will to achieve your goal come what may.

Patience is another ingredient required, as the old adage says, ‘Rome was not built in a day’. Time passes and with the passage of time things
change. CHANGE as they say, is the only constant.

AND with change, our goals too change. Life gives different alternatives, opportunities for us to see the world in a new prospective. Those of us who recognise the same even under adverse circumstances and keep our spirits high, never give up attitude and a hard-core
belief in our goals irrespective of what the world says – ultimately succeed.

Billionaires mindset is also with its baggage. Like a coin, it has both a head and a tail side by side. How we take life depends upon our perception, our food habits, our company. In case we are surrounded with any negative current, however small, it can lead to ruinous circumstances. There is an idiom in my mother tongue which translates to – ‘Even a small rotten fish can spoil the whole pond.’

Supreme amongst our beliefs of what we can do, and we put everything at stake, becomes a habit and even the success has to surrender against our adamant nature. It is not hard work but smart work which matters.

Another ingredient for becoming a billionaire is rule of nature like the squares of a chess board. Once a sage came to the court of a king. The King, feeling supremely powerful in front of a destitute sage said, ‘ask whatever you want and you shall have it.’ The sage smiled, looked
at the chess board kept next to the king and said, ‘O King, place one grain on the first square and double it every next one and when complete that amount of grain you give if you can. The king agreed, and found out to his astonishment that all the grain in the kingdom
couldn’t fulfill the request of the sage.

In ‘life of a billionaires mind set’, this theory of compounding plays a great role whether or not we are cognitively aware of it. So, it is a habit of doing things regularly and daily adding even a little bit positive that
shall take us to be a billionaire and when we become one, that will be a surprise for us too!

Is it so easy? And at times we may feel, how stupid of people who are poor, but of their own choice or quitters in between. Life belongs to those WHO NEVER GIVE IN OR GIVE UP, COME WHAT MAY, AND STAND RESOLUTELY AGAINST ALL ODDS, ALL OPPOSITION AND ALL CRITICISM, (EVEN HATE).

People hate successful people, when people start hating you, or are opposed to you, do remember, the most hated people in this planet are the people who are reigning the world because of their clear cut goal, their decision power, their belief, and their ‘never say die’

For example, Donald Trump is one of the most hated people in the world of now based on his political leanings and decisions, but he is the elected President of the most powerful country in the world. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is also loved and hated in equal measure depending on your political leanings. Chairman Xi Jinping, the Chinese Premiere especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly the most hated person in the world today.

There is a saying “successful people are not different they do things differently.” Yes, true to a large extent. Unexpected events at times may bring up the latent ability from its slumber. And that event may bring sea change in one’s life and life of others.

During the civil equality movement in the United States of America, the emotional speech by Dr Martin Luther King led to Congress finally acting against slavery and African-Americans being given equal rights to those of Caucasian descendants. The result which one could see
after decades of that when for the first time Barrack Obama became the President of the country, a dream of so many colored people came true, which earlier in the twentieth century would have been most unimaginable to even dream.

So, even a small drop at the correct time and place is sufficient to create a tsunami in the life of a nation. Similarly, one of the great qualities of a billionaire is “HE IS A CREATOR OF VALUE FOR THE MASSES.”

The creation is always effortless, it is the principal of nature. Another ingredient of a successful person is continuity or what we call movement…. the movement should be on, never for a second stillness to take position anywhere in one’s life, that comes when one is tired and, in a mood, to surrender to circumstances.

That moment is the moment of pass or fail. To survive that is important and the demarcation line is very thin. I recall the quote” man, not circumstances, create events”.

The other quality one imbibes is learning or anticipating change in technology and grasping the opportunity by one’s gut feeling. To act upon.

Billionaires know not to waste time. For if we kill time, time will kill us.
An important quality that billionaires have in general, that they have focus on their dream, spend no time is getting distracted and are oblivious to the surroundings for they are so busy in achieving their goal, that nothing in the world has the power to distract because of their passion towards their goal and the firm belief that they can achieve it, let the world think whatever they wish. Case in point is Wright brothers who developed airplane from the garage.


Even after reaching the goal of serving the humanity and creating value for the masses, one becomes a billionaire, then what? This is the case with all of us, that we during our life time get so busy that after earning or accumulating the material things in life, we forget to live, and when we come to our senses, we have all the luxuries of life and material things people dream of, but not the time to enjoy these. Why? Because we have lost the principal ingredient that is HEALTH. The most important gift GOD has given us, this beautiful body and five senses to
enjoy the life besides the SIXTH sense to warn us from time to time.

What it tells us is that, passion and creating value for the masses is the main thing in realizing one’s goal, and money is the by-product of being a billionaire. However, achieving the same keeping balance of mind and understanding the real value of money is more important
than anything else. Peace of mind, supreme calmness, and keeping oneself grounded under all circumstances, is the key. As we had read in economics “Money is a means to an end and not an end in itself”.

Let’s appreciate the most billionaires at present and their outlook towards life, for they have understood the same who are maintaining their equilibrium of mind balance and living life further in creating value for the underprivileged by donating almost major portion of their
earnings in the pursuit of larger interest of population of the world, in eradicating diseases, and creating foundations for the benefit of poor countries and people around the globe.

Warren Buffet has given away 90% of its worth to the Bill Gates Foundation, similarly Bill Gates has also done the same, Narayana Moorthy of Infosys, Ratan Tata of TATA, Azim Premji of Wipro and so many others are indulging in philanthropy and doing great service for humanity.

So, the ball lies in our court what type of life we wish to live?

Do we wish to set our goal to become a billionaire or provide value to masses and leave the money part to its logical end, like Patanjali, or the richest person on earth the creator of AMAZON, Jeff Besoz ? Worth 158 billion dollars.

So, becoming a billionaire is not in our hand, yes creating value for the masses and thus enjoying a billionaires status as a bye-product having some commercial sense along with our route is the key.

So, what do you say? Billionaires $ mindset or service to humanity and having some commercial sense along the way?

Let’s all meet at the billionaires club…. soon! I am waiting for you….to spread over a large plate of billions of people to serve.

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