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Briana Armbruster – The Story of the TikTok Sensation Who Hid Her Face for Years

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be famous without showing your face? To have millions of followers who adore you for your voice, your style, and your personality, but have no idea what you look like? That was the reality for Briana Armbruster, the TikTok sensation who hid her face for years under a ski mask or other coverings.

She was known as TheSkiMaskGirl, and she captivated the internet with her catchy songs, funny skits, and mysterious aura. But who was she really, and why did she choose to conceal her identity? In this article, we will reveal the story of Briana Armbruster, the woman behind the mask, and how she became one of the most influential and inspiring social media stars of our time.

Birth, Parents & Education

On February 14, 1995, Briana Armbruster came into the world in a city called Ann Arbor, which is located in the state of Michigan in the United States of America. She belongs to the white ethnic group and holds American citizenship.

Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Armbruster, raised her and her sister in a Christian household. Briana pursued higher education at Eastern Michigan University, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Media Studies in 2018. She also studied Exercise Science at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Social Media Fame

Briana Armbruster became famous as a social media influencer who hid her face with a ski mask or other coverings for a long time. She was known as TheSkiMaskGirl, and she posted catchy songs, funny skits, and mysterious videos on TikTok. She also shared exotic content on her Instagram account. She gained a lot of curiosity and interest from her fans, who wanted to see her face.

Her identity was only revealed in 2022 when her dog accidentally removed her mask during a live stream. She later did a face reveal on her YouTube channel in 2023. She has over 4.1 million followers on TikTok, over 97 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and over 51 thousand followers on Twitter. She is also a model and a fitness enthusiast.


Briana Armbruster is not in a relationship with anyone. She used to date another social media star named Anthony Dawson, who goes by the name of TooTurntTony. They got to know each other at a bar where Briana was a bar staff and were together for almost three years before they split up

Brian Armbruster Face Reveal

Briana Armbruster revealed her face on two occasions: first, accidentally during a live stream in January 2022, and second, deliberately on her YouTube channel in February 2023. Here are the details of how and when she did it:

Accidental face reveal

Briana Armbruster was doing a live stream on TikTok with her dog, who was wearing a matching ski mask with her. During the stream, her dog jumped on her and pulled off her mask, exposing her face to the viewers. She quickly deleted the video, but some of her fans had already recorded it and posted it online. The video went viral and sparked a lot of curiosity and interest from her followers and the public.

Deliberate face reveal

Briana Armbruster decided to do a face reveal on her YouTube channel in February 2023, after undergoing a major transformation in her life and content. She explained that she wanted to show the world who she really was and that she was ready to prioritize herself.

She also announced that she was no longer working as an assistant for TooTurntTony, another social media influencer who she had been collaborating with for almost three years. She said that she was grateful for the opportunities and experiences that TheSkiMaskGirl gave her and that she hoped to inspire and empower others with her story.

Social Media



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Briana has an Instagram profile @theskimaskgirl and has about 327 K followers. She also has another Instagram handle @armyneptune having 27.9 K followers.


Her X account @skimaskofficial has 51.1 K followers.


Her TikTok account @theskimaskgirl has 4.1 M followers and 86.4 M likes.


Briana also has a presence on YouTube and her channel @theskimaskgirl has 97.7K subscribers.


You can also follow her account @theskimaskgirl on Snapchat.


Briana operates an OnlyFans profile @officialskimaskgirl where followers pay a monthly fee to view her exclusive content. Prior to becoming an online influencer, she founded B. Social Marketing Solutions, is a company specializing in managing social media accounts. She started the business shortly after completing college. She has over 1K photos and 174 videos posted on her profile.

Net Worth

Briana Armbruster has a net worth of around $500,000 to $1,000,000 in 2023. She is a prosperous social media star who makes a lot of money from her deals and associations with various brands. She also earns a handsome amount from OnlyFans.

Bottom Line

Briana Armbruster is a remarkable example of a social media influencer who achieved fame and success by hiding her face for years. She showed that one can be creative, entertaining, and influential without revealing their identity or appearance.

She also demonstrated courage and confidence when she finally revealed her face to the world and embraced her true self. She is a role model for many people who want to express themselves and pursue their passions. Briana Armbruster is more than just TheSkiMaskGirl, she is a woman with a story to tell and a vision to share.

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