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Design You Bathroom using Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

Best Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

Relatively recently, building material like ceramic bathroom tiles evoked similar associations in the minds of domestic inhabitants: squares of the same size on the walls, muted colors. Today, modern manufacturers began to produce original ceramic tiles for the bathroom, which, to the delight of consumers, has nothing to do with ceramic tile, which has become an established finishing method throughout the years. In addition, not only its appearance has changed, but also its shape, size, and even texture. We can say originality in everything!

Ceramic Bathroom tiles

The original bathroom tiles produced by modern manufacturers are no longer just a normal glazed rectangle. Their shape can be completely different: hexagonal or even asymmetrical, almost shapeless. When you combine different elements, you get a unique pattern each time, which means that you will no longer see two identical rooms, even when using the same collections.

Modern ceramic tiles are available in a variety of colors. Previously unthinkable color combinations are quite acceptable and are even in vogue today. Bright colors and unusual patterns are the main trends in modern original ceramic tile design, be it ceramic floor or wall tiles.

One of the most avant-garde trends in wallcovering art is original ceramic tiles with a picture in the form of photographs. A permanent photographic exhibition in your own bathroom: what could be more original and interesting?

Original ceramic tiles appear, largely due not only to the imagination and creativity of designers but also to the emergence of new technologies. The smooth surface is replaced by all kinds of embossed patterns, which not only completely change the space of the room but also look very impressive.

The texture of the tiles is also surprising for its variety. The surface of modern ceramics recreates with surprising precision the texture of marble, brick, and other stones, precious metals, as well as various types of fabrics (canvas, tapestry, silk, etc.) or even natural leather. Looking at such a coating in the interior design of a bathroom, it is not always possible to understand what material was used for its decoration.

Today’s original tiles are not just a material for finishing surfaces in the bathroom or kitchen. Unusual and elegant tiles from the fashion collections of renowned designers will undoubtedly become a worthy decoration for any room, including the living room or bedroom.

Patterned Ceramic Tiles

Bright, eye-catching, eye-catching patterned ceramic tiles are the only alternative to a solid color finish. Patterned tile is a unique beauty cladding designed to transform even standard living spaces into colorful and personalized spaces. Bathroom tiles with a pattern of all kinds of flowers and plants, floor tiles with a pattern for the technique of marquetry, tiles with a pattern for the kitchen, with images of various utensils and cutlery, etc. Nothing is impossible today.

Ceramic tiles, known for more than one millennium, have never been just a cladding material that protects the internal and external surfaces of the home from various environmental influences. Even the most ancient ceramics that have come down to us are decorated with ornaments. Even the ancient Egyptians realized that patterned tiles can not only add nobility and beauty to any room but also completely change its atmosphere. There are many types of patterned ceramic tiles. These images are not afraid of either high humidity or aggressive detergents. And most importantly, even after many years, the drawing will remain as bright and clear as on the day of purchase.

Individual collections of patterned wall tiles produced by modern manufacturers can be safely called small masterpieces of art that can truly decorate any home and become central elements of the interior. These are no longer those boring colors and the same type of products from the times of the USSR. Today’s ceramic tiles with a pattern are an endless variety of models, among which you can see all types of ornaments that have existed in the history of mankind. Modern innovative technologies make it possible to transfer images of any complexity to it. Tiles with a pattern of bamboo or grass, trees and animals, realistic scenes from Greek mythology, and even a portrait of a popular film actor or a loved one – the complexity of the picture depends only on the customer’s imagination. Patterned bathroom tiles are completely different: a panel consisting of many small parts, a separate image that fits on one ceramic element.

Tile patterns allow you to create any decorative effect. Nowadays, drawing on ceramic tiles is not only about simple repeating patterns. In addition, its surface is not necessarily perfectly smooth. Modern tile manufacturers produce cladding with volumetric fragments, as well as surfaces that surprisingly accurately imitate natural stone and certain types of wood look porcelain tiles. The pattern on ceramic tiles affects the overall atmosphere of the interior, therefore, the choice of a product must be approached seriously and with all responsibility, since even white tiles with patterns of different thematic orientations, the way they are applied, texture and colors can transform the living space beyond recognition.

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