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Elena Gilbert Outfits: Explore ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Style Icon

Elena Gilbert Outfits

Elena Gilbert, played by actress Nina Dobrev, is the central character of the hit TV show The Vampire Diaries. As a high school student turned supernatural being, Elena goes through a major style transformation throughout the course of the show’s eight seasons. From her preppy and polished outfits in the earlier seasons to her edgier and more adventurous ensembles later on, Elena’s fashion sense evolved along with her character development. Let’s take a closer look at some of Elena Gilbert outfits from the show.

Elena Gilbert Outfits: Different Styles

Elena’s Casual Style

Elena’s casual style is often simple, comfortable, and practical. She is often seen wearing basic t-shirts, tanks, and sweaters, paired with jeans or leggings. Her go-to footwear is usually a pair of boots, either ankle or knee-high. She also often sports a leather jacket, which adds an edgy and stylish touch to her outfits. One of her most iconic casual outfits is her black leather jacket paired with a gray tank and skinny jeans.

Elena’s Formal Style

When it comes to formal occasions, Elena tends to opt for more classic and elegant pieces. She often wears dresses with clean lines and minimal embellishments, paired with heels and simple jewelry. One of her most memorable formal outfits is her red lace dress, which she wore to the prom. The dress was form-fitting and had a sweetheart neckline.

Elena’s Athletic Style

Elena is also known for her athletic style, as she is a cheerleader and participates in other physical activities throughout the show. Her athletic outfits are usually practical and comfortable, while still being stylish. She often wears athletic leggings paired with a tank or sports bra, and a zip-up hoodie or jacket. Her go-to footwear for these outfits is a pair of sneakers or running shoes.

Elena Gilbert Outfits: Elena’s Accessory Choices

In addition to her clothing choices, Elena also has a signature accessory: her vervain necklace. Vervain is a herb that protects against vampires, and Elena wears the necklace as a way to protect herself. The necklace is a simple silver chain with a small vial of vervain attached to it. Elena is rarely seen without the necklace, and it has become an important part of her character’s identity.

Elena also frequently wears simple jewelry, such as stud earrings and delicate necklaces. Her makeup is usually minimal and natural-looking, with a focus on enhancing her features rather than making a bold statement.

Elena Gilbert Outfits: Different Looks

Miss Mystic Falls Look

One of the most memorable outfits is from the Miss Mystic Falls beauty pageant. She wore a dark blue symmetrical gown with a sweetheart neckline and paired it with black high heels and silver ornaments. Her curly hair was partially tied back, and she opted for a no-makeup makeup look with neutral and nude shades. This outfit made her look like a cute Barbie doll, exuding energy, power, and confidence.

The Iconic Look

When we think of Elena Gilbert’s fashion, the first outfit that comes to mind is her slim-fit top and tight-fitting slim jeans. Her most famous and nostalgic look is a maroon tank top paired with a black leather jacket and dark blue denim pants. Her middle-parted straight hair looked perfect with her iconic vervain pendant. Being a school-going girl, she opted for no makeup, exposing her flawless-looking bare skin.

The Refreshed Look

Towards the end of the show, Elena’s outfit choices became bolder and cooler, showing a different side of her. She wore an olive green tank top with a V-shaped neckline under a multi-colored shirt jacket and black bell-bottom pants. She matched them with black high block heels. Her straight cut hair and side-parted hairdo made her look younger and refreshing.

The Post-Vampire Look

After turning into a vampire, Elena’s personality changed, and so did her fashion sense. One of her first post-vampire outfits was a maroon shaded full sleeves top with a V-shaped neckline and high-waist black slim-fit pants. Her brown smokey eyes, nudish brown lip color, and light contour added to her bad-girl vibe. Her wavy long hair with golden locks and a cute little pendant completed this edgy look.

The Summer Look

Elena’s summer outfit is all about loose and comfortable clothes that are lightweight and breathable. She wore a dark blue tank top with black slim-fit denim pants and black high leather boots. She accessorized with her pendant and bracelet on her wrist. For a change, she went for bangs and a side-parted hairdo, and her no-makeup look perfectly complemented this casual outfit.

The Prom Night Look

Prom night is a significant event in a high school student’s life, and Elena did not disappoint. She wore a magenta pink strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline and a flared skirt at the bottom. Her preference for minimalism showed in her choice of a diamond bracelet and a fancy handpiece as accessories. She pinned her long wavy hair towards the back, and her bangs appeared on her forehead, completing this elegant look.

A Simple Casual Look

Simplicity and casual clothes are Elena’s comfort zone, and her outfits reflect that. Her simple casual look consists of clothes that any young girl can wear to school, college, or a casual day out. Her most common outfit is a slim-fit top and tight-fitting slim jeans, which she pairs with sneakers or boots. Her hair is usually open, with a middle or side part, and her makeup is minimalistic.


Elena Gilbert outfits were a reflection of her character. They were chic, effortless, and practical, just like Elena herself. Her style ranged from casual to formal wear, but she always maintained a certain level of sophistication and elegance. Her signature leather jacket, little black dress, and denim jacket were just a few of the pieces that have become iconic in the world of fashion.

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