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Important Aspects of ERP beyond the Real-time Data

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Many small to midsize businesses with a forward looking approach are realizing the significance of having a reliable tool to access real-time data as and when needed. This not just empowers the leaders to keep an eye over the entire organization related to the performance of the employees and progress of the project, but also enables the employees to stay updated with the information always.

This could be possible by adopting Cloud based ERP systems like SAP Business One that has been accepted worldwide for its robustness and unique industry-specific capabilities. Cloud-ERP software supports the BYOD moment in offices and enables users to access mission-critical information on their devices anywhere outside the office premises. This way they can stay well updated with the information while making the right decisions.

Also, not just the real-time information is the only factor that is creating the necessity to install ERP systems at place, but there are many other factors or good to say, many other advantages too. Let’s take a look at what are these aspects of having an ERP system in place.

Pre-Approved Transactions

There has been increasing pressure on the business owners due to the customers’ demand and changing regulations to close the financial cycles early. The traditional approach to financial close cycles may take weeks or sometimes even months. However, by using the smart ERP software like SAP Business One, this time can be drilled down to just a few hours.  Also, the pre-approved transactions made by the system eases the process of GST filing and makes businesses are empowered to close the financial cycles every month rather than doing it every quarter or annually.

Integrated System Functionality

SAP Business One ERP software due to its embedded integration functionality enhances collaboration and boosts communication within the organization. This approach ensures that the same information reaches the users. This helps employees to stay more aware about the other departments as well and align their workflow intelligently considering the same.

Boost Customer and Vendor Bonding

SAP Business One has developed a new scope to build stronger customers and supplier relationships owing to the easy access to the portal to track the delivery and due service related information. This way the existing customers gain confidence and trust for the vendors and vendors can avail new opportunities of growth and success.

Smart Reporting and Metrics Analysis

The report creation via traditional spreadsheets absorbs most of the valuable time of the employees. Also, the traditional manual data entry approach may possess many false entries resulting in inaccurate results. SAP Business One ERP with its in-built multiple reporting templates and innovative dashboards, empowers the users to churn out the data and create meaningful reports of the same within a few clicks. 

These reports unlike other software are easy to read and understand and enable leaders to make insightful decisions based on the same.

These are just a few reasons from the never-ending list of the SAP Business One advantages. Thus, when we mention to someone about what is ERP, we narrate the complete list of benefits and not just the fact that SAP Business One just automates the business processes, it rather optimizes the entire workflow.

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