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Express Love With Utmost Finesse and Luxury Through Extra-Special Gifts


If you want to evince your expensive taste in gift-giving, you’ve found the right realm of luxury. 

We can all agree that true love is never measured by a thousand-dollar Neverfull. BUT! Sending some major presents does not hurt either, especially when you have extra cash to spare. 

Sure, celebrating occasions in these unprecedented times is a way different from the previous years. There is a big adjustment that we all need to make. Yet, it is not the distance between people that could stop families, friends and sweethearts from expressing their love and appreciation. In fact, sharing is much more meaningful today than ever. 

Since a lot of people don’t have the luxury to gather around and make merry this holiday season, why not give your loved ones some grandiose surprise just to get a feel of normalcy and make these occasions nothing less?    

From designer pieces to treasures untold, we have descended into the depths of opulence to help you bring luxury celebrations straight to your loved-ones’ doorsteps. Here are some decadent gift ideas you’ll never go wrong with. 

The Bastille Gloves

‘Tis the season for cold yet sophisticated hands! If you want to make sure she’s not wearing another pair of gloves this Christmas, give her something worth picking out like these rouge rubi pieces exquisitely adorn with Hermès luxury label. Trust us, all the charming ladies out there would never want to get their hands off of these treasure troves.  

The HESTIA Silver Luxe Collection

Decorative pieces are always a lovely gift idea for those special women in your life — mothers, aunties and wives. If you think they might be interested in drooling over these gems, home accessories that look as elegant as the HESTIA silver luxe collection are guaranteed to fill their homes with timeless glamour.  

The Saffiano Leather AirPods Case

If you have someone on your list who’s been lately obsessed with music and podcasts, here’s something you could give. Well, let’s just say it’s a tiny limited case for her AirPods but when she does see the famous enameled-metal triangle logo courtesy of Prada, we don’t know, maybe she’d never stop shrieking beyond bliss.  




You’ll never know the scent of finesse and luxury until you get a whiff of the COCO MADEMOISELLE courtesy of Chanel fragrance. With a scent that perfectly matches any special celebration, you must definitely have the most wonderful Christmas night with your ‘mon amour’. But, don’t blame the fragrance if you can’t resist your longing to get intimate tonight.   

The Dionysus Leather Mini Chain Bag

This timeless treasure from GUCCI’s mini bag collection will elevate her sense of style for certain. Love the tiger detail that references the Greek God Dionysus not to mention the embellishment of fine Swarovski crystal stones — ahhh can someone just buy me this gorgeous evening bag? I betcha she can totally slay any outfit with this one. Perfect for a Christmas dinner date!

The Château d’Yquem White Wine

Want to take your chivalry a little too far? Well, then a bottle of a Château d’Yquem is something that can make any celebration worth remembering. You probably won’t forget the taste of a $117,000 white wine, will you? And, whoever self-declared wine connoisseur you have on your list will love you even more for sharing the most expensive bottle of white wine ever sold. What better way is there than spending Christmas eve with a glass of wine indulgence and a delicate flavour of caviar served on the side?  

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