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5 Reasons you gain Belly Fat: Know now!

5 Reasons you gain belly fat

The presence of fat around the belly region is one of the leading causes for the development of numerous diseases. Keeping the waist size under control is one of the biggest challenges ever you need to take care of keeping yourself fit and healthy. Lifestyle habits and mistakes are one of the biggest culprits to add visceral fat deep within your abdomen.

The excess belly day increases the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, stroke, and some cancers. Yes! Getting off the couch and shaking your body at least for 10 minutes can add a healthier dose to your life.

Here in this article, we have listed a few reasons for gaining belly fat. Let’s check them out below. So, keep reading the post now!

Reasons for gaining belly fat:

Well! It is very difficult to reduce or trim out the belly fat completely. Here we have compiled five major reasons for gaining belly fat that you might be paying attention to and these are discussed below:

1) Hormone shifting: Change in the hormone levels is the biggest and the silent culprit for increased growth of your belly size. Many factors can bring hormonal change in you. Yes! The age, drop in the estrogen hormone, and changes in your metabolism process can add more fat around the belly area. Practising a few belly exercises, and reducing the intake of fatty foods may help to trim the extra fat around your belly.

2) Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS): PCOS is one of the most sought after health issue affecting women during their reproductive age groups. Women with PCOS often have increased testosterone levels in the body, making them add extra weight around the belly area. Excess body hair growth, acne issues, and irregular periods are a few symptoms reflected in women with PCOS issues.

3) Stress: Stress has a bigger impact on the body. The increased stress hormone, cortisol can cause the body to gain more weight around the belly area leading to obesity like situation. Practising yoga and meditation may help to reduce your stress level. If you are struggling hard to reduce stress, then consult the doctor and get his or her advice. If medicines are prescribed, order them from a reputed online medicine site on discounts and with free doorstep delivery.

4) Too much sleeping hours or not getting enough sleep: Yes! In both cases, you end up adding more fat around the belly area. Getting a good amount of 8 hours of sleep is a must for the body for proper metabolism. But when the sleeping time is decreased it disturbs the whole metabolic pattern. Studies also show that a long time in the bed can make you less active because of which it may add more weight to the body.

5) Genetics: Genetics has a major role to play in terms of gaining fat around the belly area. The increases in the cortisol hormone and leptin receptor, which may boost the intake of food and body weight.

Apart from the above-listed reasons, there are a few other factors that can increase your belly size and those are listed below:

· Intake of excess sugary foods

· Having low-fibre foods and highly refined carbs

· Too much of sugary drinks

· Imbalance in your gut bacteria

· Heavy alcohol consumption

· Low protein intake

· Addition of too much unhealthiest trans-fat in the diet

Making healthy lifestyle choices is a must to keep our body and waistline under control. Keep checking your vitals or parameters frequently if you are suffering from illnesses or diseases. This way you can keep your levels in check. Also, keeping yourself physically fit and practising yoga and meditation can help you manage your stress levels. If you are suffering from any illness or diseases and are already on medications, then never stop taking your medicines without the doctor’s advice. Refill your medicine bottle by ordering your medicines from the best online pharmacy store in India and get them delivered directly at your doorstep.

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