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5 Strategic Ways To Get Google Reviews For Small Businesses

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These days more small businesses are joining the competitive online market but what can you do differently to cut off the competition? You can take the help of the Google reviews of your valuable customers.

Yes! That’s right.

Modern potential customers depend heavily on the reviews to decide where to invest their money. And people always visit one prominent platform Google to read the reviews and evaluate their choice. Thus, the more Google reviews you hold for your business online the better. Many businesses and marketers have started to integrate Google review widgets on HTML which helps them to influence the buying decisions of every visitor.

The way Google reviews help businesses to thrive it is crucial for them that they receive more reviews from their valuable customers. When small businesses can show a good amount of reviews to their potential customers it helps them to show a complete view of services and the value they provide. Thus, it is crucial to convince your customers to share their reviews.

This article will share with you a proper plan that helps you get more reviews from the customers strategically. So, now it is time to give your attention to them and sharpen your review collection strategy.

Continue this article till the end to gather complete knowledge.

Plans To Receive More Reviews For Your Small Business

Everyone is quite aware of the fact that one of the strongest sources on the internet is Google reviews. It is the most powerful marketing tool that shows social proof of the business to its potential customers. Most individuals’ decision on whether to move forward with a business is heavily dependent upon Google reviews. For this reason, many businesses have started to add Google reviews on HTML websites to influence the decisions of their visitors.

Thus, below are the points that will help you gather more reviews from your existing customers and show social proof to the potential customers.

1. Make a move to ask

The best way to collect reviews from your customers is by directly asking them. The customers who have already bought from you get back to them and ask them professionally to leave their reviews. But hold on, you must know the right time to ask your customers for their reviews.

So, wondering what is the right time? It is when they have used your product and are happy with your product. It is one of the easy ways to gather reviews from your customers. Now you can ask for reviews by sending them SMS or emails and sharing a link that redirects them to your Google business profile.

However, many businesses hesitate to ask their customers for reviews for fear of receiving negative reviews. But you need to keep the faith and move forward as studies of Search Engine Land revealed that 70% of customers share their reviews after being asked.

2. Embed link of reviews on the website

Adding a link on your website that redirects your customers to share their reviews is a smooth idea. It also makes it easier for the customers to share their reviews by just filing some details on the form without any extra work.

Most customers ignore reviewing your business because of the extra work but this strategy will be fun for them as well. So, just add a pop-up link on your website and leave the rest. Make sure that after your customers review your business receive a thank you message in their email your customers will appreciate that.

3. Revert to existing Google reviews

The efforts of your customers must seem to pay and to show that you must reply to them. A simple reply to your customer’s reply will show that you value their time and efforts. Whether it’s positive or the other way around you must reply to every Google review keeping your tone professional and polite.

The best way to reply to the reviews is by genuinely noticing the problem and making efforts to solve it. It’s the way to get personally in touch with the customers and understand their issues. Also for all the positive Google reviews make sure to thank them for availing your service.

4. Embed positive Google reviews to your website

It is a great idea to show positive Google reviews of your business to potential customers because that is what makes them choose your products. Not only that it will motivate your other customers to follow the same path and share their reviews as well.

Thus, you must take the chance and embed Google reviews on your website. This strategy will eventually help your potential customers to read those reviews directly from your website. Not all of them will check your business listing on Google and broaden the area of sharing your brand awareness.

5. Make a routine to update your Google business profile

Make sure that your Google business profile has been regularly updated because it is where your customers will visit to share their reviews. The main reason behind this is to make sure that your customers know that they have visited the right place. An updated Google business profile will hold consistency with the most up-to-date listing.

Make sure to add the latest and clear photos of your product and business on your Google business profile. Add an appropriate business description to it, correct operating hours, and display the latest news about your business there.

In The End

As a business, you must not ignore the profits of Google reviews. Google reviews are a great tool to promote your business among your potential customers globally without spending a dime.

Your customers are the best brand ambassadors of your business and will promote your business on a global level with their valuable reviews. Thus give your attention to gathering more reviews.

This article has clearly stated some of the finest ways to collect reviews from your customers. Now that you know what you have to do, gather excellent Google reviews and catapult your business by showing it to the world.

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