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The Mystery Behind Coloured Hair And Dandruff


Dying your hair to your favorite color can feel so nice and pretty but is it all rainbows and roses? Maybe not. Even though, the majority of the hair dyes available in the market often claim that they are free from all harmful chemicals and are completely organic. There is still a chance that the reason behind many of your hair worries like dry and brittle hair, itchy scalp or even dandruff is actually color dyes. Let’s dive deeper to get a more detailed understanding of this issue.

What exactly is dandruff?

All of us easily call those flakey white particles brushing off from our scalp dandruff but are we always right? Maybe not. There are many types of scalp conditions that can cause dandruff-like symptoms but are not dandruff itself. Dandruff, in its essence, is caused by Malasseziaglobosa. This is a microbe that lives on our scalps and survives off the oils produced by our scalp. Though, for most of us, it is harmless but if you’re sensitive to it, you can experience the itchy, flakey and really condition of dandruff.

Can hair dye cause dandruff?

Yes and No.

Hair dye does not directly cause dandruff but rather leads up to conditions which can cause dandruff. Just like other hair styling products, hair dyes also dry up your scalp and remove the natural oils from our scalp. Due to this, our scalps become vulnerable and get exposed to various irritants. Dry and vulnerable scalp can easily cause acute dandruff. Not only this but hair dyes can also cause strong reactions such as skin irritation, stinging, red skin, etc.

Is there a way to prevent hair dyes from causing dandruff?

Yes, most definitely. If you are aware that your hair dye is the reason behind your dry scalp and skin irritation then it is high time you invest into a dandruff shampoo safe for color treated hair. These shampoos are developed specifically to tackle the problem of dandruff and other related fungal infections. Not only can it help with dandruff but can also help in preventing further growth of fungus or irritants on your scalp. It can also soothe the itchiness of the scalp from the first use itself. Also, these anti-dandruff shampoos are specifically developed for colored hair so you need not worry about the quality of your hair dye after the usage of these shampoos. Thus, not only can you be free from the headache of dandruff but also maintain the shine and gloss of your favorite hair color.

If you use the right shampoo for colored hair india, rest assured that your dandruff as well as the dry and itchy scalp would be gone in no time. Though, it must be noted that the frequency and usage of these shampoos should be strictly according to the mentioned instructions. Precautions and allergies must also be taken into consideration before deciding to use these products as they contain medicated chemicals that can cause reactions in some people.

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