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Best International Practice for Diabetes Care


With millions of people suffering from diabetes all over the world, it is time to create more awareness about the disease and educate people on how to manage it. Diabetes is a metabolic disease that occurs when the body cannot produce adequate insulin or the insulin produced is not enough to transport glucose from the body into the cells and convert it to energy. This often leads to high blood sugar which is dangerous to human health. Diabetes can not be permanently cured however, some treatment can help manage it. With the help of new technology, many countries are now coming up with more advanced ways to manage the disease. Digital diabetes clinics are now available in many countries and patients are given support especially the ones dealing with type 2 diabetes. The establishment of programs to educate patients about self-management of diabetes and the personalization of type 2 diabetes management is now the new norm. Here, shedir pharma takes us through the best practice for the management of diabetes.

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Access to new technology

The development of digital solutions has improved the health of many diabetic patients. Many patients are already benefiting from it in the United Kingdom through the help of the National Health Service. Also, a digital diabetic clinic was established in Netherland where over one million people are living with diabetes. This is established to help and support the diabetic patients in the country, therefore, creating a better pathway for the treatment of diabetes. Also, diabetic patients are given blood glucose monitoring apps. They were also taught how to use it. This has helped them monitor their blood sugar level without depending on healthcare professionals and other organizations.

Creating awareness for self-management

Every patient suffering from type 2 diabetes needs support at every stage of their journey. And this can be achieved by the provision of personalized management. Many countries are using coaching to integrate diabetes management intervention. This coaching includes creating awareness about how to live a healthy lifestyle such as weight management and the danger of smoking. Nutrition which includes how to control your lipid, exercising, and many more. Research has shown that, through the improvement of self-management, many diabetic patients have experience positive clinical impact and there is a reduction in their HbA1c level. There is also a prediction of 10% reduction of the death and complications of people living with diabetes. This is to say this self-management coaching also give patients a better sense of security and increases their quality of life.

Personalized management for type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is very complex, therefore, people suffering from it do not have the appropriate personalized care management plan that can provide for their needs. A lot of initiatives are now carried out to provide personalized care for patients with type 2 diabetes. This includes one on one conversations such as asking them about their environment, feelings, and thought. Discussing their eating and drinking habit with a dietitian and consulting a pharmacist to make sure they are on the appropriate medication. This initiative has helped to screen the patient better, give them the appropriate medication, and educate them about their lifestyle and particular needs.


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