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How many children does Luis Miguel have? Exploring his life

Luis Miguel children
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Luis Miguel Basteri, popularly known as Luis Miguel, is an ace producer and singer in Mexico. The 54-year-old boasts of two different ancestries thanks to his parents. His mother is from Italy, his father is Spanish, and he was born in Puerto Rico. Even though he is a gifted singer, he also inherited the artistic gift from his parents. This left people to wonder if Luis Miguel children or descendants would inherit his musical gift.

Luis’ Birth

Luis had a turbulent childhood due to his parents’ tumultuous marriage. When he was growing up, his father introduced him to music by encouraging him to analyze music productions. This includes concert performances, recordings, and even movies of famous singers. One interesting fact about Luis is his birthday. His father registered him the second day after his birth, not on the day he was born. Hence, Luis celebrates his birthday a day after his real birthday.


Luis’ mother worked as an actress, while his father wrote songs and played the guitar. Luis must have gotten his artistic abilities from his parents. However, nobody knows whether Luis Miguel children inherited these traits. Luis’ parents named him after a famous bullfighter in Mexico. Luis also has two younger siblings.

Relationship With Both Parents

Luis was never close to his father, and it is unknown if he is close to his mom. Most people were surprised to hear that Luis was estranged from his father, given that he was Luis’ manager then. For one reason, his father was too demanding and strict on Luis as a singer and songwriter. He incessantly ordered Luis to do continuous rehearsals. Even though this type of upbringing successfully shaped Luis as a singer, it also damaged his relationship with his father.

Further Estrangement

Similarly, Luis’ relationship with his father never recovered after he sacked his dad for misrepresentation, which caused financial strains. This hit his father hard, resulting in his depression. Already an alcoholic, his father turned to alcohol more than before. He died in Spain afterward.

Relationship With Mother

Unfortunately, Luis’ mother vanished into thin air in 1986 and has never been found to date. Her disappearance was a mystery and nobody knew why she vanished. This happened after Luis had ventured into the entertainment circle. Now, Luis Miguel children, siblings, and a few extended family members are left with him.

Marriage and Children

Luis was never married but has three children from two previous relationships. He had one child with Stephanie, and two others with an actress. Luis Miguel children have quite an age gap because his oldest is several years older than her two half-siblings.

Start of Musical Career

In 1981, Luis officially started his singing career. A year later, he launched his first album in Mexico, and this earned him his first Golden Award. His single, “Un Sol” became a huge hit among listeners within and outside the Latin community.

Luis’ Singing Style

Luis has several musical styles like boleros, jazz, tango, ballad, pop, and many more. His ability to effortlessly swing from one genre to another was legendary. Another reason why he is a legend is his refusal to transition into the Anglo music industry in the early 90s. This makes him the only Latino musician that only stuck to the Latin market.

Not only that, he only sings and records his songs in Spanish. Yet, he managed to have thousands of fans, most of whom are international audiences who don’t even understand Spanish. As a result, he remained a best-selling Latino singer in those days.

Making Waves in the Latin and International Community

It’s on record that Luis popularized the bolero singing style in the industry because it wasn’t as popular as other genres. Luis sold over 59 million copies of his music globally, a feat that was difficult in those days. His performing ability on stage, private life, and the pop music genre contributed to most of his fame.

So his fans weren’t surprised when he was nominated and won a Grammy for the first time at 14 years old. The song that got him his Grammy was a song he co-sang with another singer. The Latin community was proud that the youngest Grammy winner was one of their own.

Other Accomplishments

Ten years after he joined the music industry, Luis produced an album that sold millions of copies around the world. Luis got a RIAA recognition award for that album and prestige among his peers. Likewise, Luis was given two platinum certificates in the Spanish category, making him the first Spanish singer to get them. Two of his albums earned him the certifications, and the certificate presentation took place in the U.S.

In the same vein, his album Segundo achieved 35 platinum across America. Not only that, Luis made Billboard’s top 10 list of Latin Songs and topped the charts. Another album of his found itself on Billboard’s Top 200 list in 2008. Nearly ten years later, he earned the top spot on Billboard’s top 10 in the Mexican region two times.


Finally, Luis Miguel is not a person without faith. He believes in God because he is a Catholic and was raised in a Catholic household. However, nobody knows if  Luis Miguel children were also raised as Catholics like him. Furthermore, Luis is a polyglot who speaks four languages, namely; Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and English.

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