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Luxe and Leisure: The 10 Most Popular Hobbies Among Billionaires


Have you ever imagined what the richest people in the world would do once they’re off of the suit-and-tie zone? 

The rest of us might probably think they would be sorting serial numbers of their piled up cash in a mint-like secret room. But, it’s not what happens in reality. Most billionaires would practice a strict yet straightforward daily routine including the 5-am wakeup call, quick workout and meditation before they proceed to some work stuff, and then leave the office at exactly 6 so that when they are at home they are fully present for their families. 

While the world’s most successful people may seemingly have it all, it takes an extremely simple routine to keep their wealth afloat. Sure, they have all the means to do some extravagant recreations in their free time. But, you’d be surprised that the most common pastime they pursue is not something that flaunts a lush life.

In this article, we’ve collated a list of hobbies that most billionaires would likely do in their spare time.  

10. Sports

According to Wealth-X, billionaires are interested in watching, playing and investing in sports, including golf, soccer, tennis, and skiing.  Apparently, they’re not into Spalding basketballs or cricket bats because rich people would ofttimes avoid sports that typically draw massive crowds like basketball, American football and cricket.

9. Collectibles

Another interest among ultra high-net-worth people is collecting classic limited cars, designer watches, expensive wines and all the six-figure items that the rest of us cannot afford.

8. Health & Exercise

Although they have all the money in the bank, still, health is wealth for roughly 76% of the rich and famous, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg — saying he makes sure he gets to work out at least thrice a week. Well then if there’s one easy but essential success tip that we can double cross from the billionaire’s playbook, it’s exercise.

7. Sailing

It must be dull floating on a bed of billions for people who were naturally born with a silver spoon in the mouth. To make their free days more exciting, billionaires would sail away with their own super yachts and sail boats. This is the life!

6. Wine & Dine

While most rich people would love to treat themselves to an expensive meal and fine wine, some of them are starting to venture out of their heavily-stocked cellars to grow the a vineyard themselves and make it a pastime.

5. Politics

A lot of billionaires would pursue politics to obtain power and generate followers. For instance, billionaire and former Mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg had reportedly considered running for Mayor of London City back in 2015.

4. Fashion & Style

The richest shoppers will never skimp on clothes. They will focus on clothing and accessories that no one else can buy, because how luxurious can it really be if it’s not too hard to obtain their sense of style?

3. Art

Among these billionaires are famous celebrities such as Brad Bitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham, who have reportedly spent six figures on collecting pieces of artwork, as they firmly believe that life is short, but art is long.

2. Travel

Thirty one per cent of billionaires revealed travelling as their favourite pastime. Because they have the means for luxury travels, the richest people get to experience places in a completely different way. They would spend a hundred thousand pounds for a perfectly-planned adventure without even lifting a finger.

1. Philanthropy 

On top of the fun games and all the extravagant activities, philanthropy is surprisingly considered as the most popular pastime among 67% of billionaires around the world. Survey shows that most billionaires are interested in participating in philanthropic activities such as charity balls, sponsorships and corporate giving, somewhat to increase global recognition for their philanthropic endeavours next to billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.         

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