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Are You in the US Middle Class? Here is a Calculator to Find Out


Everyone desires to be rich, in fact, super-rich, or to quickly climb the career ladder. This is the reason why many look up to multi-millionaires and desperately want answers to their long-held questions. How did they do it?  What does it take? And more reasons why we all want to know the income category we belong-lower, middle, or high. The point is middle class is the gateway to achieving your goals. As a middle class, you can easily push beyond the average, set expectations, and strategize to work towards the end goal. Here, modern millionaires, a self-made multi-million dollar business that is teaching others how to create a career path and become successful in the business world recommend a calculator to know if you belong to the middle-class income group. Plus, they provide secrets on how to nail that million dollars that you have always desired. Too good to be true? Check out Modern Millionaires Review to see how they help people reach the greater heights they deserve. Remember, you do not just want to be a millionaire, you want to be a multimillionaire.

Find out your income level

The recent  Pew Research Center calculator can determine the economic bracket you belong to. It takes into cognizance your pretax income, location, and people of your age, income, ethnicity, and marital status of others in your area. The calculator allows you to put in your state, metropolitan area, household size, age, education, income before taxes, and the number of people in your household to run the basic calculation. The pew website is only a google away and you can easily locate the calculator page to know which category you belong to.

Pew research of 2018 finds out that about half of Americans, 52% of US adults are middle class. Around three-in-ten (29%) were in lower-income households while 19% belong to upper-income households. How about being among the 19% of the upper class? Here is how

How to go from the middle class to multi-millionaires

Have a multi-millionaire mindset

The middle class can not only be defined by income or education alone but also the mindset. If you want to become rich, start to form the mindset and that means saying bye to poverty thinking. The “money doesn’t grow on a tree”, “ stop wasting resources”, “ being rich makes you evil” especially if you are raised in a household that complains about lack or limited resources or that criticizes the rich. How about “people that are rich don’t have two heads, you can also be one”.

Be your own boss

The middle class aims to reach the success ladder but rich people own the ladder. This means you cannot be working for someone and expect to be rich. You have got to step out of your comfort zone and be ready to create and build your own empire. Put simply, be your own boss.

Work smart

Yes, everyone needs to put in some work if they want to reach the top. However, sometimes, it is not all about working hard but working smart. This is where the middle- class misses it. Let your money work for you, not you working for money. Outsource, invest, diversify, be involved in multiple businesses, have a bag of the portfolio of investment. Have multiple streams of income. Be rich!

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