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Connected Devices that can keep Tabs on Patients’ Health from Afar

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The popularity of remote patient monitoring software has recently increased because of COVID19 pandemic. In the amid of pandemic, when medical practitioners and patients cannot come in person, healthcare providers are turning to remote patient monitoring software to ensure that patients are recuperating. Though the outbreak of COVID19 pandemic has encouraged the use of software, doctors have been using them even before. According to a study, about 70% of medical providers have invested in remote patient monitoring software to help patients deal with chronic conditions.

Connected health devices, including a wearable to monitor palpitation, blood glucose level, calories burnt, stress level give tiny detail about your health condition. These connected devices, after getting a report about your health condition, can transmit it back to the provider to facilitate your doctor to decide from afar. Remote patient monitoring devices can automatically observe your health even if you are suffering from a chronic illness, making it easier for your doctor to keep tabs on you.

In the middle of the ongoing threat of an invisible virus, connected health devices and remote patient monitoring technology are crucial than ever. They are enabling medical experts to get a line on your health condition without coming into contact with you, thereby preventing the spread of novel coronavirus. Here is a list of connected health devices you can use to monitor the health condition of your patients remotely.

Cypress sensors

AltumView Systems develops intelligent, innovative software including Cypress smart visual sensors to keep tabs on the health of seniors. These sensors use a powerful AI chip top monitor your activities, for instance, when you are sleeping. Now you can give privacy to old members of your family while detecting the fall danger.

Using Cypress sensors, you will get a real-time notification when an incident happens without actively monitoring your loved ones. These sensors will bring peace of mind that your loved ones are safe, secure and healthy. Whether they are at home or a senior care centre, Cypress can help you. Since it uses AI chip, it can automatically detect any dangerous incidents likely to happen can notify you and the health practitioner to send help without further ado.

It is the best tool for fall detection and fall prevention. You will get detailed analytics that can help prevent incidents before they happen. It will keep continuing checking the behaviour of your loved ones to make sure that they are away from every type of danger. It is the best tool for bedside monitoring because it can send the alert immediately if your loved ones seem to topple over the edge.

It also highlights a visual heatmap to show that the falls have occurred, so you could take adequate preventive measures from happening again. Cypress sensors have nine powerful infrared LEDs that automatically activate when you put out all lights, so it keeps detecting activities.


It is a virtual maternity care platform introduced in 2014 with a vision to provide prenatal and postnatal care using advanced technology. There is always a need for frequent visits during pregnancy to ensure that both mother and baby are healthy. The use of this virtual platform has suddenly increased because in amid of COVID19 women cannot afford to put their and their baby’s health in danger.

Note that you can access this incredible platform through your healthcare provider only. The provider will sign you up for the programme, and then you will download the app in your smartphone. Depending on the plan offered by your healthcare provider, you will choose a Mommy Kit offering an internet-connected medical device.

You can easily set it up. It will take a couple of minutes. Your healthcare provider will use this app to share tutorials with your related to maintaining health during pregnancy. You can log in to this app every week to access guidance tailored to your health.

With the help of this app, you can also track your progress each week. You may keep tabs on your blood pressure, palpitation, weight gain, and blood glucose level based on the care plan you have picked. When anything is off, it will immediately send a notification to your healthcare provider.

CAM Patch

Cardiac patients often need uninterrupted care, but COVID19 has affected the lives of people in unprecedented ways. Bardy Diagnostics develops CAM Patch (P-wave centric ECG patch monitor) to help your doctor monitor the functioning of your heart. The device will continuously record your heartbeat and symptoms you feel and send them to your doctor.

Since your doctor will get a closer look into the functionality of your heart, they will come up with better ideas to keep it healthier. When you have any symptoms, the device will immediately notify your doctor to look at the rhythm of your heart.

It is a non-invasive cardiac monitoring device. It is placed just over your heart to optimise P-wave signals to record ECG. Constant monitoring of your heart’s ECG can help prevent any severe condition.

The trend of connected devices will continue to rise because it can help prevent you from catching a serious illness. However, note that these connected devices are not very cheap. It is useful if you have arranged money beforehand to invest in these devices. If you fall short of cash due to any reasons, funding sources like 12 month payday loans from direct lenders are always out there.

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