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Is a Pest Control Franchise Right for You

Pest Control Franchise

The COVID-19 outbreak has altered many aspects of our society, from the way that we work to the way that we socialise. One of the more positive side effects of the pandemic could be a newfound awareness of the importance of hygiene. The dangers of unclean environments have been highlighted for the whole world to see, and this could provide a golden opportunity for businesses that promote good hygiene.

Pest control is an unpleasant but necessary part of the cleaning industry. Pests such as flies and rats are breeding grounds for bacteria and can spread germs at an alarming pace. The most dangerous animals are often the smallest. After all The Great Plague was caused by fleas living on rodents.

As remote working becomes the norm, people are spending more and more time at home. This has led many to value a clean domestic environment more than ever. The same goes for businesses that have reopened after lockdown. Long term closures will have given pests an opportunity to breed, so pest control businesses will be in high demand.

Setting up your own business during such an uncertain time is a big risk. That’s why franchising is such a good option. Investing in a pest control franchise allows you to get into this booming industry without risking too much of your own money. By buying a franchise in an established company, you can take advantage of their existing profile and market share, rather than trying to carve out your own business from scratch. Here are two great pest control franchises you can invest in today.

The Pest Company

The Pest Company was founded by brothers James and Steven Mills, who already had over 20 years of pest control experience apiece. By combining their knowledge, the brothers were able to create one of the most effective and highly respected pest control providers in the country.

Known for its affordable prices and unbeatable professionalism, The Pest Company provides a highly efficient solution to infestations in all sorts of buildings, both commercial and domestic. The company is especially adept at controlling pests in sensitive settings such as schools and hospitals, providing the utmost reassurance and discretion in these situations.

The secret to The Pest Company’s success lies in its adaptability. Always open to innovation, the company will use the latest technology to find a pest control solution that caters to the client’s exact needs.

Franchisees can benefit from the company’s long-standing reputation as the gold standard of UK pest controllers. You will also have access to a fully comprehensive franchise package, giving you everything you need to get started, even if you have no previous pest control experience.

Investors will undergo a full training program, teaching you everything you need to know about both the theory and the practical side of pest control. After your training is complete, you will have ongoing access to a wide range of company resources. You will be given your own personal Head Office consultant who will guide you through the early stages of setting up the businesses. They will also work closely with you to come up with a marketing strategy, giving you the best possible chance of establishing a strong presence in your area. Once you are up and running, you will have access to detailed, up to the minute analytical data, allowing you to constantly adapt your marketing for maximum impact.

Whelan Pest Prevention

Another big name in UK pest control, Whelan Pest Prevention was founded over 15 years ago. Since then it has built up a strong reputation as an innovator in the industry, developing a range of techniques for effectively dealing with infestations in a modern, environmentally friendly way.

Whelan provides a range of pest control services from wasp control to bird proofing in both commercial and residential properties. The company also handles other types of household maintenance such as drain cleaning and asbestos removal, making them a convenient choice for clients carrying out home renovations or property clearances.

Customers love Whelan for their personalised approach. Every client receives a personal point of contact for the entire job, and clients can mix and match services to suit their needs. A Whelan Pest Prevention franchise allows you to build on the brand’s strong reputation for a relatively low investment. Franchisees will receive comprehensive training, as well as their own large territory and company website. Whelan will even give you the first month’s lease on your company van absolutely free.

Is a vanbased franchise right for you?

Both of these franchises benefit from the convenience and flexibility of being a van-based business. From cleaning to catering, van-based franchises are a great investment option. Why not take a look at some of our other van businesses?

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