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Top Things to Know When Planning to Study Abroad


So I finally got to my dream destinations! Canada! This is after years of applying and reapplying for a student visa. Royal migration, a Dubai based immigration services company came to the rescue and help me sail through my application process successfully. By the way, if you have been lied to by different immigration services promising to help you with getting a visa just like mine. Or you are simply thinking of Canada as a place to kickstart your career for a promising future, I strongly recommend Roya Migration. For more conviction, browse through a plethora of Royal Migration reviews.

With that said, being in Canada for studies is like a dream come through and it’s simply amazing. Before coming, I have had my taste and take of what it’s been like to prepare for studying abroad. These lessons are what I have got to share with anyone who is also planning to experience studying outside their home. Hence, you will know what to expect when you get to your destination and be prepared for what lies ahead.

Ensure all paperwork are complete

Well, you should know by now that you need a valid visa and a passport before you can travel abroad. However, check and double-check the expiration date of your passport to ensure it won’t expire in 6 months of your trip. Moreover, by now I assume you have already got your visa. Ensure you take all relevant documents, school paperwork including your visa while travelling.

Be updated

If you are planning to travel to a new country, then you need to know what’s going on in your intended country. What’s the weather, climate, and temperature like? This will give you insights into the necessary things to pack. Moreover. Get down to knowing the culture, customs, history, government, people, any political upheavals, health crisis, environmental issues, and everything you can get your hands on. Knowing these will benefit you while in the country.

Get all necessary health checkups

When planning to travel, it is advisable to go for health checkups and ensure you are physically fit and in good health. Bring all the details of the medical checkup along on your trip. This might be useful while in your place of study in case an emergency occurs. Besides, if you have any medical issues that need attention, a good rule of thumb is to bring along the prescriptions that will last you throughout your stay. Speak with your health insurance about your intention to travel.


Deal with homesickness and home shock

I know a lot of us abroad are always guilty of this and you are likely to experience it as well. Homesickness is normal and it’s all part of the growth and adjustment. To deal with this, make friends with others and do not isolate yourself. Plus, keep in touch with your family and loved ones at home.  For cultural shock, be open-minded and be ready to learn and experience new things. Be it food, language, of the way of life, see it as a great way to learn and appreciate other’s way of life.

Here are my top tips you need to know while planning to study abroad. Once again, shout to Royal migration for making this happen. If ‘y’all in need of migration services that come with peace of mind, read royal migration reviews and check out their website for more.

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