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Seafood in Orange Beach: What is Not to Love?

seafood in orange beach

Seafood in Orange Beach is the ultimate treat you can get from this beautiful city on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. You can certainly find yourself enjoying the varied wonderful dining experiences that the restaurants offer.The Jellyfish Restaurant & Bar, for one, as one of Pensacola’s premium restaurants, can guarantee excellent food and service that is sure to make your visit a worthy one.

Most of the restaurants in this city are devoted to seafood. You can get your fresh seafood in Orange Beach fix while enjoying the views of white sand and pristine beaches.

Why The Jellyfish at Perdido Key Drive May Be Worth A Visit

Perdido Key is known to be one of the most popular family beaches in Florida. It is located on a narrow strip of white beaches and blue waters. It is between Pensacola, Florida, and Orange Beach.

For a tiny island, it features several restaurants that offer a wide array of choices for both seafood and non-seafood lovers. Fresh seafood in Orange Beach tops the menu at local eateries. To cater to every craving, many restaurants offer filet mignon or barbecue ribs, deli sandwiches and salads, and ethnic cuisine, to name a few.

The Jellyfish is popular for its quality food and reasonable prices. Located on the second floor of a shopping center, which is estimated to be a block off the beach, they aim to deliver a unique casual dining experience for all ages. Yes, and we mean adults and kids alike.

Great food in a great setting, sunsets are best enjoyed at The Jellyfish. They have indoor and outdoor seating and a bar area, dining room, and a small patio.

Certainly, the restaurant has one of the most interesting menus in the area. From char-grilled oysters to shrimps to their specialty sushi rolls, certainly, this restaurant is worthy of a visit. Remember to sample their sushi selections – the Jellyfish has one of the best offerings in terms of quality in the area.

If you are particular with service, you will not get disappointed. They have attentive and professional staff that is always willing to deliver exceptional customer service. Waiting time may be a bit longer but this only means that you are expecting the freshest seafood in Orange Beach.

Seafood in Orange Beach: Fish Varieties

Aside from crowd favorites oysters, shrimps, lobsters, and crabs, you can expect to find a wide variety of fishes in various parts of Orange Beach at any time of the year.

Consequently, The Jellyfish serves smoked yellow-fin tuna dip, crispy tempura fried Gulf whitefish served with French fries and Jellyfish, and yellow-tail sashimi.

They also offer various tuna specials. Ask the chef about these and savor some of the most delicious fish servings in the city.

Cannot Get Enough of Seafood in Orange Beach

Whether you are looking for a new area to visit or a regular at Orange Beach, you will always have something to experiment with at The Jellyfish.

If you are particular with the weather, temperatures are usually nice for most of the year, except for some hot weeks during the summer. The busiest months for the city for tourism are between May and July, with June considered as the peak month.

If you are on a budget, you will find November as the least expensive month for travel as tourists are less likely or unlikely to visit Orange Beach during this time.

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