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Comparing Top Stable Cryptocurrencies

Comparing Top Stable Cryptocurrencies

Just like digital coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, and many other stable cryptocurrencies also make a special place in the crypto industry. These coins are popular for allowing advanced decentralized monetary applications. If you study the report of Bitcoin.com on 30th March 2020, then you will know that the market cap of a stable coin hit the target of $7 billion. Today, I will analyze by comparing the top stable cryptocurrencies. But first, let me explain to you about what are stable cryptocurrencies.

Stable Cryptocurrencies

Stable cryptocurrencies are a newer version of cryptocurrencies where price stability is possible. The advantage these currencies had contrary to regular cryptocurrencies is that they are less affected by the market volatility. The algorithmic mechanism is the underlying factor behind the price stability executed by stable coins. This is helpful in asset purchase and even for its selling.

Understanding More About Stable Cryptocurrencies

Even though Bitcoin is known to be the dominant cryptocurrency around the world, still, it faces the crucial factor of high volatility. In November, last year, Bitcoin rose higher in December, but the rise did not last long, as it dipped to $6,900 in February. Such uncertain volatility puts a question mark on the daily use of well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin by crypto users.

This brings the requirement for a potential currency to serve multiple tasks including consisting stable value for a longer duration. And stable cryptocurrencies are best in it. ao it

It is considered ideal to have low possible inflation for a crypto coin as well as maintenance of buying worth. These factors are important for motivating token spending rather than saving them. Here, stable cryptocurrencies become the ideal example of it.

Fencing The Gap Between Cryptocurrencies And Fiat Currencies

Stable cryptocurrencies are known for fencing the gap between the cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Do you know there are three types of stable coins as per their functioning? If not, then let me explain to you about them.

Fiat-Secured Stable Cryptocurrencies

Fiat-secured stable cryptocurrencies are best in providing an appropriate quantity of crypto coins. They also guarantee on other valuable metals including gold as well as other items. Currently, dollar reserves are much preferred by these cryptocurrencies.

Crypto-Secured Stable Cryptocurrencies

Crypto-secured stable cryptocurrencies are supported by other cryptocurrencies, but since the factor of volatility is much higher in the reserve cryptocurrency, stable coins in comparison to them is very secured.

Algorithmic Stable Cryptocurrencies

Algorithmic stable cryptocurrencies are free from any use of the reserve. However, they do comprise a working process similar to a central bank in retaining stability in the price.

Stable Cryptocurrencies Comparison

Now, let us compare some stable cryptocurrencies, starting from:

Binance USD

Binance USD is one of the top stable cryptocurrencies which gains importance in terms of its fees. Users who hold this stable coin do not have to pay higher fees for transactions, as it is lower. The creation of a Binance token is considered to be a remarkable job by Binance in unlocking more financial instruments.


Tether is also the best stable cryptocurrency that fences the gap between currencies (crypto to fiat). That is why there is no doubt in getting it listed among the popular stable cryptocurrencies. If you being a user who wants to go for trade quickly, with no use of the centralized exchange, then you can put your fiat money with Tether tokens.

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Coming on to the next popular stablecoin is TrueUSD. This fiat-secured stablecoin is known for utilizing many escrow accounts for minimizing counterparty risk. It also helps in as a legal shield for token holders from misappropriation. To buy TUSD, you first have to follow the process of completing the process of KYC and AML. After approval of your verification, funds are sent to the escrow account of a third-party. Verified by third-party attestations TUSD is transparent and legally secured.

So this is the list of stable cryptocurrency. I hope you get much brief knowledge about these stable coins including Tether, Binance and TrueUSD. But there are many other stable currencies which you can find out from the best cryptocurrency sites providing you ample knowledge about all these coins. Cryptoknowmics is also one such website to refer for. 


So these are some of the top stable cryptocurrencies which I have mentioned in this blog. Other than the comparison of these stablecoins, I cleared you about the stablecoins. Also, how they act as a bridge between the cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Also, how they are different from regular cryptocurrencies. These coins truly justify their name of being a stable choice for investors to invest in. One of the big advantages of stablecoins is that they are not much affected by market volatility in comparison to regular cryptocurrencies. To gather more facts about the stable cryptocurrencies start following the Cryptoknowmics website.

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