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Design of the Traditional Setting of the Arabic Majlis

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The different design for Arabic Majlis in Abu Dhabi comprises of three main styles. It can be a traditional setting where show the traditional Arabic culture with its rich decor. it is also the customary place where Arabs welcome visitors inside the house. attributed to this, the traditional Arabic Majlis is widely designed with long talks and long visits in mind.

Design Types of Arabic Majlis

The first design for the traditional setting is the traditional Moroccan design. This is the design of the traditional houses in Morocco. They are usually rectangular in shape with a big house on one side and a small alcove on the other. Their roofs are made of clay tiles. They have a square or even round roofing.

The second traditional architecture design is the traditional Persian design. This is the most typical design for the traditional houses of Iran. It is made of stones and wood.

The last traditional structure is a traditional Turkish design. It is the oldest design that still exists today. It is the only design that has been used since the early times.

Some Things you may Consider to Apply Arabic Majlis

In order to provide a different look at the different designs for the design of the Arabic Majlis, there are many things that you have to consider. For example, your choice of decor should be according to the personality of your guest. It can be customized according to the theme of the occasion such as a wedding, funeral or religious. The decoration can also reflect the culture of your guest as well as your budget.

You should find the right type of decoration for your guests. For example, if your guest will arrive at the home by the sea, you should consider getting the traditional Moroccan design. If your guest will come from the desert, you can get the traditional Turkish design. If your guest will be coming from the mountains, you can get the traditional Persian design. or traditional Arabic design.

To give your guests a more personalized feel of the different designs, you should also consider giving your guests an idea of how they should decorate the rooms. so that they can feel that they are part of the decorating process.

Keep in mind before setup Arabic Majlis

One thing to keep in mind when you are planning different design for the design of the traditional setting of the Arabic Majlis in Abu Dhabi, the guests should be comfortable and relaxed during the time they stay. If you make them feel like they are a king and queen at the same time, they will enjoy every minute of the experience. That way, they will enjoy their stay and you will be able to enjoy yours.

You can give them a comfortable environment and a warm welcome when you send them out with traditional clothing. For example, you can prepare a traditional welcome party for your guests and send them to their new home in Abu Dhabi through the mail.

Traditional clothes are usually very long and they have long sleeves, long pants and heavy tops. They are usually worn over the dress. So if you want to have a traditional look for the Majlis in Abu Dhabi, you should prepare the guests with long clothing to give them a more traditional feeling when they arrive.


If you want a traditional look, you can also provide the guests with traditional dishes, which include meat, rice and beans in their food. Also, you can make a traditional dessert. dessert for them. You can prepare it according to the culture of your guest so that it can be prepared by the guests.

When preparing the food, it is important that you let the guests have some idea about different dishes that they can bring to their new home, so that they will have a more traditional feel when they are preparing the food for the guests. Also, it is important that you prepare some traditional drinks and snacks that they can take to the new home.

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