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Stitched or Unstitched Salwar Kameez- What makes for a better Style Statement?

shalwar kameez

The three-piece shalwar kameez is an attractive and appealing dressing, as it is our national dress, which is always a fashionable option for women. Online Designers Lawn Suits offers two pieces and three-piece clothing. Due to the internet, you can buy designer lawn suits from their e-store. However, one question that is always in the mind of women, which they have to ask themselves, is whether they go for the stitched or unstitched shalwar kameez. The problem is an important one, and it can come with a ton of potential repercussions on either side of the choice. Buying Online Designers Lawn Suits in Pakistan has become easy due to global changes from the last past years. Now not only Pakistani but internationally, clients place their favorite lawn suit collection from various sites. 

Stitched or Unstitched Salwar Kameez Cons & Pros:

The cost of the stitched kameez shalwar is more costly than the unstitched kameez shalwar. The reason is that in raw unstitched dress, there is mainly a cost of fabric, but in stitched dresses, the cost of tailor also included, which makes the amount higher.

Both options have upsides and drawbacks, and of course, both possibilities relying upon your statement of style and tastes and, for sure your budget. For instance, a stitched shalwar kameez is more form-fitting. It can offer an intimate and more coziness, more comfortable fit; this is in addition to embracing a lady’s curves rather than hanging off her. However, this option is more costly because it has to be fitted, and you may not be able to get a shalwar kameez in size and cut you require.

Then again, an unstitched shalwar kameez is more affordable in advance, and it’s unfitted. You have a rawer suit with more potential to be included. Although, this also means that you will need to get it sewing by yourself and give your dress to a tailor to sew your dress if you want it to be as comfortable as possible as it is a major pro for unstitched dress. You can apply any design which is in your mind easily. However, it can incur an extra cost, which is definitely a con of having unstitched kameez shalwar unless you can do it yourself; or know someone who can do the fitting for you.

The advantage of a stitched dress is that you can see everything and notice detailed things before buying but in an unstitched dress when you give it to someone to stitch, you have no idea how someone can sew your dress.

Depending on you, whether you feel more comfortable in your stitched kameez shalwar, which is sewing by the shop’s professional tailor, or unstitched kameez shalwar, which you or any local tailor stitched for you. You can use it to make your personal fashion statement depending on your body structure; which one works best for you will rely on your sense of fashion and the impression you want to give.

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