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How to Achieve success in Content Marketing with the use of Search Data ?

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

With all the investment and effort many business owners and organizations put into creating great content, content marketers still face a lot of challenges when it comes to achieving success.  Research has shown that 85% of the content on many websites has less traffic which diminishes the value. This means only one-third of every content posted online yields positive. Therefore, how can every content marketer deliver their content strategy and also promote their content? Search data!

Search data is a software program data used to monitor interactions between Web searchers and to gather and report content statistics of search engines on the internet. The use of search data helps to improve content value. Its insight helps to meet the demand of your target audience, drive traffic to your content, and increase your content ranking on the search engine result. The importance of search data can not be overemphasized as it provides a great content strategy by providing an accurate data analysis which is the foundation for successful content marketing. The point is if you have put in a lot of resources-effort, time, and hardwork and your content deserve to be seen by the right audience. Hence, Douglas James, a digital marketing expert shares tips on how to achieve success in content marketing with the use of search data.

Analyze your content performance

Begin by understanding the amount of traffic drawn by your existing content. This can be achieved through the use of many tools such s Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and many more. Your business metrics, visibility score, and your content traffic value will help you understand the performance of your content. All this data provides insights into the content you need to work on and the one’s that are doing great. You should also be able to identify the content area that needs more focus, which depends on your marketing strategy and your target audience

Adopt search intent

Everyone search online for a specific reason. While many searches online to purchase something,  get information, others are looking for a website or organization. Therefore, it is important to analyze the keywords that are mostly used by your target audience and create content that meets their intent. Also, most content marketers focus mainly on creating product-related content without providing adequate information about the sales process. Know what the audience and tailor your content to meet their needs.

Study topic cluster

Studying the relevant topic cluster that surrounds your topics helps you to know the mistakes you are making in your content. It helps you add to your existing content or create a link on your content on other related topics. Research putting out content that covers a whole topic is preferred by search engines and a key to answering questions regarding wider related topics.  Also, the Google Related Searches box is a great place to know about the related topic clusters. This is often found down the search engine result page. This will help you structure your content marketing strategies. Using SEO tools can also give you a better granular analysis that you can use to develop your content marketing strategy.

Learn from others

Learning from your competitors gives you the ability to explore their content strategies. Not just only your direct competitors but everyone directly or indirectly involved in your type of business is your search competitor. Analyze the best content from your competitor, check out their search engine ranking, and visibilities. This information will give insight on how to create great content and also optimize it  Check out their main page design from an SEO content point of view and know the topics they write about that you don’t. Analyze every detail of their content. You can also make use of search tools to know your content competitors on Google.

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